Call for Papers: Improving ICT use in Crisis Management and Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace)

ISCRAM plans to hold a special session on Improving ICT Use in Crisis Management and Peacebuilding at the 6th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2009) from May 10-13 2009 in Göteborg, Sweden.

Download the Call for Papers for this special session here

Topics for the papers could be on any of the following:

  • raising awareness on the use and contribution of ICT to peace-building and crisis management
  • best practices of ICT use in peace-building and crisis management 
  • the importance of open standards and interoperability in the application of ICT in peace-building and crisis management
  • the integration of ICT in UN operations 
  • training in ICT for peacebuilders and peacekeepers 
  • improved cooperation, collaboration and leadership amongst all relevant stakeholders 
  • ICT mechanisms to foster trust between civilian groups and the military, and to improve cooperation between business, humanitarian and peacekeeping groups 
  • partnerships with business to ensure secure, sustainable and current ICT solutions based on open standards and commercially available solutions (and not tied to a certain provider / manufacturer).

Type of contribution

Each session should allow academic and practitioner contributions

  • Academic contribution: we invite researchers from academia or research labs to present their research or research-in-progress papers. Prospective presenters submit a regular research (or research-in-progress) paper. 
  • Practitioner contribution: we invite practitioners to present their practice or experiences in information systems development, use or needs. Prospective presenters submit a short practitioner paper or a Powerpoint presentation along with an abstract.

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