US airlines inspired by the Rajapakse regime

American Airlines and Delta, two airlines in the US, have decided in an epiphany akin to that which the Rajapakse regime experienced in Sri Lanka, to ban pornography over their in-flight WiFi services.

Of course, the Rajapakse regime goes further and bans ‘hosting’ porn on mobiles to boot. Perhaps Delta and AA will realise this too in the fullness of time.

As Ars Technica notes,

In-flight WiFi, on its own, though, doesn’t quite open up a Pandora’s Box of sin—travelers have always been able to bring video porn onto planes ever since the advent of the laptop and portable DVD player. Before that, the plethora of “men’s magazines” being offered at airport kiosks have made (and still make) it possible. We guess all those swaths of travelers who need to get their porn fix in the air will have to go back to preloading it on their laptops before they board.

Also, I wonder how AA, Delta and the Rajapakse regime will deal with someone interested in reading up on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) by typing that acronym into Google…

One thought on “US airlines inspired by the Rajapakse regime

  1. What you’d probably need are separate porn sections I think (can call it some fancy name. what did Chrome call their porn mode?) Or give privacy filters. The latter maybe useful in any case. I don’t really want to open my facebook in public either..

    Loved the MILF ref.

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