Groundviews presentation at Manthan Awards 2008

Manthan Awards 2008
Manthan Awards 2008

Groundviews was shortlisted in the e-news category of the 2008 Manthan Awards, the only site outside of India in this category. We didn’t go on to win, but it was tremendously exciting to see winners from Sri Lanka in other categories whose products and innovation richly deserved the recognition.

The presentation on Groundviews I made at a session on e-news and e-content is below.

Click here for a report on the winners, including those from Sri Lanka.

I find that the real challenge to communicate the potential of CJ in a country such as Sri Lanka to interrogate war, peace, governance and democracy WITHIN violent conflict is to juxtapose an initiative like Groundviews with large, better known initiatives such as Ohmynews. While certain principles are shared, smaller CJ initiatives operating within violent conflict pack a punch above their weight. Measuring the impact of such initiatives is a pressing challenge I’ve blogged about earlier, but dismissing their impact and importance using criteria developed and used to judge commercial, larger web media initiatives is a genuine problem.

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