Seriously blogging after 32 years of journalism: DBS Jeyaraj

“My writing has been appearing on the web for many years now. I’ve also been associated with some websites like, and for the past few years. In that sense I do have been on line for quite a while. Yet , there’s a reason for this blog. Upon reflection I find that most of the stuff posted on these websites were actually not intended for the web. Most if not all were written for newspapers, newsmagazines and journals. These articles and news stories were posted concurrently on the websites. So these were not really “blogs” meant for the web but actually re-productions from the print media. Now I want to write specifically for the web instead of posting print media articles.”

A familiar voice in traditional / mainstream media in Sri Lanka has turned to blogging. DBS Jeyaraj is one of Sri Lanka’s best known political commentators and military analysts. His writing has been widely published in news media in Sri Lanka.

David’s blog can be accessed here. A good profile of the journalist, by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) can be heard streamed on the web here.

Though there is little or no legal protection for bloggers (in comparison to MSM journalists and even freelance journalists in Sri Lanka) I sincerely hope that that David’s reasoned entry into online journalism encourages and inspires other journalists to consider web and online media as a way to strengthen independent and investigative journalism in Sri Lanka.

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