UDHR: A historical record of the drafting process


It’s websites such as the new UN archive on the drafting process that led up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that showcase the potential of the web to make information otherwise inaccessible instantly available globally.

The UDHR 60 years on continues to be a bedrock for democracy. The documents archived on this site from the UN’s discussions leading up to the final version offer a unique insight into the workings of the UN.

More broadly, similar projects such Google’s already mammoth newspaper archives (see Old news is good news) and the British Library’s Turning the Pages initiative indicate the breath and depth of a library that a little over a decade ago simply could not have been imagined.

A library called the world wide web.

How can, nay, how must we ensure that the information and knowledge on the web is used to build peace?

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