The missing Hussein in the White House site

Obama’s gone and radically changed the White House website. Gone are the days of static content and a conservative look. The new website embraces the new technologies and the spirit of his campaign – it’s very Web 2.0, mobile and social networking oriented.

However, I noticed a curious anomaly in content. Barack’s page puts down his name as Barack H. Obama. I first thought this must be the convention used across the site – first name + middle initial + last name.


Yet Vice President Biden’s page has his full name Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.


I wonder why the Hussein in Barack in hidden?

4 thoughts on “The missing Hussein in the White House site

  1. A comment I got via email:

    “I’ve noticed some skittishness around the Hussein.

    During the campaign it was considered bad form to emphasize it. Now, however, I’m hearing it a lot more. It was all over the inauguration and the media today. I guess now it’s too late for it to matter!

    I was loosely looped into the transition web site team. I bet someone caved to what they sensed were prevailing pressures and went with the H. It kind of hits you harder to see it in print. That was all done a month ago so it could be ready to launch at noon on the dot.”

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