Google and others release tool to detect Net filtering, blocking


Complementing other tools like EFF’s Switzerland and AT-Tester  from Lirneasia, Google and others have released beta versions of QoS tools available at M-Lab. News of the development of these tools first came out around mid-2008. As Information Policy notes,

Is your Internet provider unreasonably interfering with your network traffic, and perhaps even running afoul of Net neutrality principles? Google and some like-minded folks believe they’ve come up with what amounts to an early warning system. The idea behind the so-called Measurement Lab, or M-Lab, is that just about anyone interested in Internet regulation–including consumers, regulators, and content providers–could use more details about their network’s performance. 

One tool I’ll try out on my SLT ADSL and Mobitel HSPA connections at home, on the Dialog WiMax connection at work is the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT).

Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) provides a sophisticated speed and diagnostic test. An NDT test reports more than just the upload and download speeds — it also attempts to determine what, if any, problems limited these speeds, differentiating between computer configuration and network infrastructure problems. While the diagnostic messages are most useful for expert users, they can also help novice users by allowing them to provide detailed trouble reports to their network administrator.

Other tools from M-Labs available here.

Will post up the results from M-Labs anon.

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