Daily Mirror plaigarises content from Dow Jones website

Notice anything similiar?

The Daily Mirror carries a story on Internet censorship in the Financial Times supplement. There’s no byline, no attribution, no source. My interest in the DM story was piqued because the article is based on a new report by RSF I’ve covered earlier in this blog.

The expression employed felt foreign and a quick Google searched revealed the original article was written by no less than Charles Cooper, the Executive Editor of Commentary at CNET News.com and published on the All Things Digital blog, owned by Dow Jones.

Plagiarism by leading Editors and newspapers in Sri Lanka of content that appears on the web and in blogs is an eduring issue that I have covered in detail elsewhere.

Coupled with abysmal standards of financial journalism in Sri Lanka (the Daily Mirror’s Financial Times is usually nothing more than a couple of pages of thinly veiled marketing propaganda and commercial press releases), today’s deplorable example of plagiarism suggests an urgent need to engage mainstream media in dialogues that  strengthen attribution of content sourced from the web / blogpshere.

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