Identity and suicide on blogs

Came across two good examples of conversations engendered and sustained by new media that traditional print and electronic media would, especially in the context today, be unable and unwilling to support.

The first is a narrative of award winning Sri Lanka novellist David Blacker’s experience at a Police checkpoint. We all know that (a certain class) of Tamils are looked upon and treated differently at most checkpoints. The default is that they are terrorists, who have to prove their innocence. David’s post, from the lens of personal experience, has fostered a rich dialogue on issues of identity and ethnicity in Sri Lanka today.

On the same lines comes this post from The Whackster’s Lair. Spinning off from a comment left on Blacker’s post and touching on issues like civic education, the original post has spun off a number of discussion on a Sri Lankan identity, with input from some of the blogosphere’s leading voices.

How can the Fourth Estate and electronic media, provided it attributes this content, strengthen their own publications and programming by featuring and using content on the web such as this?

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