Second Life runs out of steam?

Highlighting the Second Life, the BBC noted recently that,

It was once the most talked-about web development on the planet, but it has gone very quiet of late. After the gold rush of companies seeking to establish virtual premises in the 3D world, many have now pulled out or left their digital empires to mothball.

Echoes what Time magazine said of Second Life over a year ago. Augmented reality on mobile devices, which seem to hold far more potential in my mind than virtual reality on PCs, even if Second Life was (unofficially) ported to run on some mobile phones last year.

And as I’ve noted earlier,

… I have my doubts about using SL (and this is the vital point) to achieve some of these goals which may well be done better, cheaper, for a wider audience, in a more accessible and sustained manner, in more languages and with more interactivity and responsiveness. I guess it’s revealing that most of the social and political activists who propound the use of SL as a viable platform to galvanise action, even in the real world, come from the US. And perhaps I am wrong to judge them by my own reality and access to technology. My concern however is that some of these initiative tend to get more than a little carried away by their own hype and forget completely just how atypical it is to have a PC and Internet connection able to run SL.

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