wRadr: A shot in the dark?

I came across wRadr just after I had read about Microsoft’s Vine. I am not convinced that Vine is all it is hyped out to be. I don’t know how to pronounce wRadr, or why there is this fetish in the US with truncated names of this nature that sound as they have been born of a TinyURL factory for language.

Perhaps overcompensating for its truncated name, wRadr’s website is full of turgid text that promises a great deal. It notes that,

The time has come for a dedicated platform for both Homeland Security and local Emergency Management organizations to engage the general public in the exchange of time-sensitive, hyper-local, critical information with the same ease use and efficiency found in today’s popular social networking and micro-blogging applications. Before, during, and after a public emergency wRadr will help teams and communities exchange warnings and guidelines, collect data ranging from resource status to damage assessments, and coordinate efforts such as evacuations or search and rescue operations.

Whatever all this really means, it look’s like Vine already has a competitor! I’m looking forward to the first real screenshots and implementations of wRadr.

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