Sri Lankan Army and Lankapuvath websites hacked


Last year it was independent media that said it was hacked. Today, it’s the turn of the Army website and Lankapuvath. The Daily Mirror website reports that both sites were hacked in the morning today. is up and running, but at the time of writing, Lankapuvath is down.

This is silly and c0unter-productive at best.

Hacking begets hacking, and if it is proved that this was done by pro-LTTE actors, it can lead to a vicious cycle of cyberwar that risks the very structures online that greatly assist in awareness raising of the urgent humanitarian needs of IDPs, ground conditions in the Vanni in Sri Lanka and how people can help IDPs.

3 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Army and Lankapuvath websites hacked

  1. It’s the knee-jerk reaction to blame LTTE for any disruptive or destructive activity these days. That said, we need to remember that even the most secure websites and databases of agencies like FBI and CIA are sometimes hacked into – in fact, there are computer geeks who just get a kick out of doing it, yet have no other malicious intent. They think it’s a battle of wits…

    Whoever did this hacking, it has shown up security lapses in the official websites and once again brings into sharp focus the lack of a coherent, technologically savvy information management policy in state agencies. I wonder where the ICT Agency is in all this – aren’t they supposed to advise and guide other state agencies on all aspects of ICT? Or are they just so preoccupied with their own spin and little cybercafes that they have neglected their main responsibilities?

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