SLT blocks Tamil websites

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has blocked access to the following websites as of today from its ADSL network:

Reports I have received indicate that these are still accessible on Dialog.

All ISPs in Sri Lanka have repeatedly blocked access to, but actions today indicate that the scope of websites being blocked that are perceived to be pro-LTTE is increasing apace.

9 thoughts on “SLT blocks Tamil websites

  1. You have been real smart to phrase it as “Tamil Websites”; where as it is obvious the reason why these websites were blocked was not because they were “Tamil” but rather they were “LTTE” websites. It is clear your objective is to mislead your readers with a sense that, the GOSL is discriminating the Tamil people in Sri lanka, with acts like these. But the truth (Which you also know, but act as you don’t know) is, these websites are run by the LTTE supporters, and they use these websites to manage LTTE propeganda campaigns against the state of SRi Lanka, and to raise funds for the LTTE. You are not mentioning a single word about that, but simply putting it like a “language discrimination issue”.

    You have the right to approve or delete this comment. That’s totally up to you, and I’m keeping a copy of my comment for future references.

  2. and, to name but two government run websites, have run sustained hate campaigns and are defined by their pro-Rajapakse propaganda, no better in intent, purpose and expression than pro-LTTE sites. Terrorist propaganda gets needless fuel from censorship.

  3. 1.Blocking of these sites is useless till the proxy sites are available.

    2.Don’t call those terror propaganda sites as Tamil web sites

    3.I don’t find ViC’s blog as a comic relief!

  4. @Sanjana Hattotuw – LTTE web sites? Why? Because you don’t like the news appear on that sites. Government doesn’t want you to know the other side of the story so blocked the sites.

    Come on Guys. Come out of the shell. How long sinhala politicians are going to keep you in dark showing the Tamil ghost?…….One day all those dark forces you allowed to build with in you will turn against you.

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