Is the LTTE really finished and the War over? videos watched over 37,000 times

Is the LTTE really finished and the War over? is a series of short videos in English, Sinhala and Tamil featuring promiment politicians, former LTTE members, academics and civil society activists. The 24 videos in this series have been viewed, just a few days after they were uploaded, well over 37,000 times collectively. Some videos alone have generated over 5,000 views to date.

The videos feature, among others,

  • Prof. Rohan Samarajeewa
  • Prof. Tissa Vitharana
  • Victor Ivan
  • Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan
  • The spokesperson of the JHU
  • Amal Jayasinghe

Propelled by interest in its latest video series, Vikalpa Video is at the time of writing on the Top 100 list of YouTube channels globally. For a playlist of all the videos and for updates to the series click here.

Top 100

For comments and on-going discussions on some of the videos, please visit Groundviews.

Launched in August 2007, the Vikalpa video channel on YouTube is available here. Featuring senior political figures, trade unionists and media rights activists, school and university students, IDPs and refugees, Members of Parliament, award winning human rights defenders and peace activists and exclusive footage of significant socio-political events, the channel now features over 360 short videos in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

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