Mainsream media monitoring in Sri Lanka

The Centre for Policy Alternatives has conducted media monitoring of traditional media in Sri Lanka at key times, such as in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami and on a regular basis over the past decade.

Media monitoring

In 2009, we looked specifically at traditional media coverage of humaniarian issues and war coverage. We monitor broadcast (TV plus radio) and print media, with less emphasis on online media save for reportage in Tamil, where sources are generally online.

I’ve just completed a dedicated site to host the content produced thus far, which really is quite a lot. We have a weekly newspaper column in Sinhala and Tamil, and we have a prime time TV broadcast every week, alternating between Sinhala and Tamil called Vimarshi and Vimarshanam respectively. All of the content is now on the dedicated CPA Media Monitoring 2009 site.

Download the report of the first quarter, from January to April 2009 here and the relevant Powerpoint presentation here.

The site was done using WordPress, based on the iNove theme with all the videos hosted on Vimeo.

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