Wikipedia journalism in Sri Lanka

I found the reference in the Sunday Times of 14 June 2009 to Canadian Liberal MP Bob Rae’s alleged links to the LTTE, by way of a wikipedia entry, particularly disgusting. This is more than just bad journalism and technical incompetence, it is deliberately misleading the public in Sri Lanka.

It’s also a great case for revisiting MSM journalism ethics in a context where so much disinformation and misinformation colour web sources.

See my article published on Groundviews here.

As Asanga Welikala commenting on the story notes,

…if any serious newspaper anywhere else in the world used wikipedia as a basis of evidence… for the principal argument of its main political column, provided it passed muster of the sub-editors, then both the columnist and the editor would be facing the sack overnight. It is useless nowadays to talk about such things as ‘credibility’, and ‘professionalism’, so perhaps the shame of the charge of utter incompetence might be the thing that persuades The Sunday Times to issue a retraction?

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