Layar: Augmented reality through mobiles in Amsterdam


Layar is one of the most visually impressive and powerful applications I have seen to date using a mobile. As noted on Download Squad,

“Layar uses the camera and location-based services of your mobile device — Android devices only, so far — and overlays information on the camera image. This is flying-car level tech, the kind of stuff that sci-fi nerds dream about, and it’s got plenty of practical applications for the average user, too.”

I last wrote about augmented reality on this blog around three years ago. At the time, this was experimental technology. That in just three years the technology has advanced to this degree I find quite incredible. I don’t for example know of a similar PC based application?

And as I said three years ago, the potential of such research to create devices that can support situation awareness, the understanding of a locale (important in Online Dispute Resolution) or just as a handy mobile phone based walking guide to a foreign city or region is fascinating.

Rather than useless experiments (such as getting Second Life to run on mobiles) this technology showcases just what is possible using mobiles today.

What Germany, the UK and the US will get anon I can’t wait to see come to my part of the world. What ideas can you think of for augmented reality applications in the real world, beyond real estate and commercial purposes?

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