Northern Province website re-launched. But where is it?

The Ministry of Defence website notes that the government’s website for the Northern Province was recently relaunched. As the MoD notes,

The website which is to be regularly updated contains information of the development activities underway in all the five districts, Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mulltativu, Vavuniya and Jaffna.

The website can be described as a comprehensive source catering to the increasing demand for information about the region, especially as the Government has prioritized the development of the region with the dawning of peace after a lapse of three decades.

The website was designed and developed by the ‘Center for Information and Technology’ of the Northern Provincial Council and will also provide details of the region’s potential as a tourist destination.

Only question is – where is it?

NP website
The case of the missing website

This is as good as the website launched, then relaunched by the MoD, and still failed to work.

UPDATED 4:58pm, local time

As Nalaka points out below, the site is now working. First impressions – looks very nice, but clearly no one in the Northern Province speaks Tamil, for the website is only in English. Or maybe this is actually aimed at investors and tourists. And as I have brought up earlier on this blog, there’s no standard look and feel for Government sites. The Eastern Province website for example looks completely different to this one. But it’s good to see that websites of this nature are coming up. It’s just that it is also very clear that few, if any, of the citizens actually in the Northern and Eastern Provinces will ever use them, or can.

One thought on “Northern Province website re-launched. But where is it?

  1. Sanjana,
    When I clicked on the link at 16:52 Sri Lanka time on Aug 11, it did open and the home page loaded without difficulty. I don’t know if I’ve been particularly lucky, or whether the website is only optimised for PC users. Mysterious are the ways of GOSL websites.

    Another thought: perhaps this website is ONLY visible to the truly patriotic and you might not be one…Just consider that prospect!

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