“My 104 characters did just fine.”


The New York Times has a fascinating story on how Twitter was used to circumvent a court imposed gag order on an important story related to shady activities of a multinational corporation. The article ends by noting that,

There is a danger in overpraising a tool like Twitter at the expense of the words it amplifies — in essence, extolling the chisel rather than Michelangelo. But last week’s events show that a variety of Internet projects, including Twitter, are making it harder for the traditional gatekeepers to control of the flow of information. Certainly, The Guardian was in full celebratory mode last week. “Twitter’s detractors are used to sneering that nothing of value can be said in 140 characters,” Mr. Rusbridger wrote about his initial tweet. “My 104 characters did just fine.”

Read Twitter and a Newspaper Untie a Gag Order.

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