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Tamil not an official language in some e-gov sites in Sri Lanka?

I wrote in April 2008 that,

“You know there’s something seriously wrong with e-gov when the humanitarian section of official website of the President of Sri Lanka has only a single mention of a human (though one wonders whether the person mentioned also fell into the animal welfare directives of the Mahinda Chintana)…. From the non-functional and dysfunctional to the blatantly racist, Sri Lanka’s so called e-gov framework is a mess that does not in any way hold government more responsive, accountable and transparent to citizens.”

Lankanewspapers ran a story on 5th November flagging enduring concerns regarding the use of Tamil on government websites. The low resolution image below, taken from the story, notes a number of problems – from the complete absence of Tamil on some website to the incorrect use of the language in others.

If we seek reconciliation after thirty years of war, the least we can do is to implement language policies on all government sites? Perhaps ICTA is too caught up in its own rhetoric and the wasteful production of outrageous music videos to care?

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