Dialog Telekom takes out HSPA+ poster online, TRC to investigate false claims?

LBO reports today that the Telecom Regulatory Commission has begun investigations on broadband speeds advertised by telcos.

“The Telecom Regulatory Commission is conducting its own investigations on mobile broadband speeds advertized by operators,” Priyantha Kariyapperuma, director general of the TRC said. “If any mobile operator is found guilty of providing slower speeds than advertized, the TRC will take action against them. Our report will be out in about two to three weeks.”

Incoming links to this blog show a number of times a recent post on Dialog Telekom’s blatantly false HSPA+ advertising has been read by online TRC email accounts. Tellingly, Dialog Telekom has taken off the HSPA+ adverts on their corporate Flickr account, which I suspected they would do and precisely why I saved the image of the poster locally for posterity. Further, this Google Cache screenshot shows Dialog’s Flickr page as it was on the 21st of December 2009, with the misleading poster on it.

Erstwhile poster on Dialog's Flickr account
Erstwhile poster of HSPA+ broadband on Dialog's Flickr account. Click for larger image.

A combination of Lirneasia’s excellent research, possible punitive measures by the TRC after its investigations are completed (or the threat of it) and sustained pressure by consumers (led by bloggers and the media) may reduce the significant divide between what we pay for and actually get.

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