TRC’s partisan behaviour and Dialog Telekom’s ‘crony capitalism’

In The Shocking Behaviour of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka published on Groundviews, well known author Publius has this to say of mobile telcos in Sri Lanka and in particular Dialog Telekom with regard to the New Year greeting sent by the President via SMS,

“…something must be said of the mobile operators themselves, in particular Dialog (in terms of their statement quoted by the FT). Their use of subscriber information to send unsolicited texts is potentially criminal and in any event utterly discourteous. This is compounded by the fact that some customers requesting to unsubscribe from such messages in the future have been told they cannot do so. So the company’s loyalty is not to its customers and shareholders but to a TRC acting not only with blatant partisanship, but also illegally. Whether acting out of fear, servility, or expectation of future favour, the word for this is ‘crony capitalism’. I wonder how they might respond, if one or all of the other 21 candidates request them to send out an SMS with a campaign message free of charge?”

The article by Publius follows up on an issue first flagged on Groundviews in Unsolicited SMS messages are spam. Please desist Mr. President and in particular, on Lirneasia’s website.

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