Using Google Moderator to generate ideas on democracy

Launched in late 2008, Google Moderator is not well known in the domestic media community and even globally. Used during the last US Presidential election, Google Moderator is a powerful platform to generate and filter through large numbers of responses.

As with a number of other examples on Groundviews previously, I’m testing this as a means to rejuvenate an enervated debate over our democratic potential after the end of war. Since all one needs to participate is a Google Account (i.e. a Gmail account) I’m hoping that this will generate some interesting ideas and discussion.

Please pass on the link to friends and colleagues with a request to participate.

3 comments on “Using Google Moderator to generate ideas on democracy

  1. magerata
    March 16, 2010 at 5:36 am #

    Great idea! THX


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