Mobile phone security

Photo by Milica Sekulic on Flickr

A company called FlexiSHIELD shows us how crass marketing profits from the plight of others. Using the infidelity of Tiger Woods as an example, FlexiSHIELD promotes its new FlexiSHIELD, a mobile security product that it touts can,

“… automatically hide any incoming or outgoing SMS, MMS, EMAIL, Phone Logs and actual Phone Calls in an invisible vault on the phone itself. When installed and activated, there is no indication of the application, and all message and call notifications are suppressed, making FlexiSHIELD totally invisible in operation.”

It is however an interesting example of how clever marketing can capitalise on public fears resulting from a high profile paparazzi case.

But FlexiSHIELD aside, there are a number of programmes and services that protect mobile content. One of the best catalogues of these tools can be found at Mobile Security Redux: Comparing the Tools from There are a number of resources on this blog post, but the most interesting and a work in progress is this matrix comparing the pros and cons of several leading mobile security products.

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