The mind-boggling growth of Twitter

I had just published Archiving every single tweet on Twitter: Two parallel initiatives when I came across this graphic visualising the growth and scale of Twitter.

The original can be seen here.

In Sri Lanka, I’ve pioneered the use of Twitter for new models of journalism. Through Groundviews, we have used it to cover, inter alia, the President’s speech at the National Victory Parade after the war ended in 2009aftermath of the presidential election in January 2010, mirror mainstream media stories when traffic spikes resulting in their sites crashing and to dispel false reporting on the web over a speech made by the President.

It must be said that mainstream media’s foray’s into Twitter have not been all that successful. The Daily Mirror’s Twitter account is the only example of a mainstream newspaper using it to complement its online reporting. The Sunday Times, owned by the same publishing group, had a less successful approach to Twitter, which eventually got worse! Even the Daily Mirror still uses Twitter largely as a point to its web articles, with no real appreciation of the platform as a news engine itself.

@SmithJoanna’s tweets following the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year is one example of how the service can be used in journalism to cover a complex, traumatic event. Will mainstream media in Sri Lanka ever learn?

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