Lists of the best Twitter accounts on Sri Lanka

After incorporating Twitter’s @Anywhere functionality to Groundviews, I was inspired create two lists of Twitter accounts I follow on a regular basis. The first was a list of the best Twitter accounts on Sri Lanka, currently featuring 14 feeds.

The second was a list of the best Twitter accounts by Sri Lankan bloggers, currently featuring 15 feeds.

The lists are not meant to be comprehensive, nor do they include accounts with only occasional or peripheral references to Sri Lanka. Best, of course, is a subjective judgement. For example, the list of the Twitter accounts on Sri Lanka are updates I follow daily, and importantly, trust.

The list of bloggers on the other hand are not all those I follow daily, or agree with content of. But as noted on Groundviews, these Twitter feeds feature updates ranging from the quirky and personal to the incisive and political. Oftentimes, tweets from these bloggers will reveal issues, facets, processes and situations that go unreported or under-reported in mainstream media. They are not always tweets I trust, but often offer story ideas, inspiration or at the very least, a good laugh.

One hopes mainstream media in Sri Lanka catches up with innovative ideas like curated Twitter feeds to leverage social networking’s potential for journalism.

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