QR codes for citizen media


I created and uploaded to Groundviews today a PDF of the contributions featured in a Special Edition on the site recently. The legacy of Chanaka Amaratunga and the future of liberalism in Sri Lanka links to this PDF, in which at the end of every article, I included a QR code.

I don’t know of any other online or mainstream media in Sri Lanka that has used QR codes to date. I used the QR code generator here to create the codes that any smartphone with a QR code reader such as this can easily access the article on the web and without the hassle of having to type in a long URL.

Such measures make the experience of reading content in print, and following the discussions online as seamless and complementary as possible. Groundviews is already one of the richest sources of progressive, critical commentary on Sri Lanka on the web, and I make little distinction between the original content published on the site and the substantive comments they engender. Incorporating new media technologies like QR codes in print allows those with suitable devices and tools to really engage with the site’s content.

And if a reader doesn’t have a QR reader but does own a smartphone, that’s fine too. Groundviews was the first and currently one of just two sites in Sri Lanka that automatically renders content for mobiles.

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