Interview with Beyond Profit on citizen journalism and new media in Sri Lanka

Beyond Profit, which describes itself as a new social enterprise magazine and based in India, interviewed me recently over my TED fellowship based on new media initiatives in Sri Lanka.

“Citizen journalism is not just about Groundviews and Vikalpa. It is about citizens bearing witness to what they experience – the good, the bad and the ugly. Technology increasingly makes this possible,” Hattotuwa says.

Indeed, the opinions voiced on the two online platforms would not have been heard before the web revolution. Some see the internet as “the great equalizer,” ever expanding access to information. But Hattotuwa points out it can also serve the opposite purpose. “Governments that are web savvy can control more media today through censorship and disinformation than was ever imaginable a few years ago,” says Hattotuwa. “The new technologies of emancipation are, in the hands of others, powerful and pervasive technologies of control.”

Read the full interview online or as a PDF.

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