New media and journalism: Staff training at Sri Lanka College of Journalism

The Sri Lanka College of Journalism (SLCJ) invited me to conduct a staff training on new media and journalism over the course of three days. The training of trainers involved the faculty of the SLCJ, as well as administrative staff including those from the College library and programme coordinators.

And overview of the course I delivered can be downloaded from here.

The class discussions covered a number of other aspects, including how new media had changed the relationship between consumer and producer, online research, new trends in social networking including location-based social networks, the underlying technologies powering new media and how these tools could aid investigative journalism. We ploughed through a lot of new ideas, concepts, tools and platforms and there was enough interest among the participants to call for a regular, monthly meeting to serve as both a refresher and a forum to discuss new development in the new media landscape.

With many of the older generation of journalists in Sri Lanka, including senior Editors and newsroom managers wholly unaware of new media and worse, hugely resistant to new media literacy in their newsrooms, SLCJ’s forward-looking vision and resulting revisions in curricula support a new cadre of journalists who are, to use Urs Gasser’s term, digital natives.

2 thoughts on “New media and journalism: Staff training at Sri Lanka College of Journalism

  1. Perhaps you should write more about these subjects as many of us could benefit from the information. I think most of us think, just by opening up a website on wordpress or Blogger, could lead to becoming a journalist. (Surprisingly so some very informative sites were born out of this thinking.) Perhaps because we do not understand what journalism is.
    I went through your presentation and the outline and I think, a lot people, like me are ready for such education, at least a way to connect the dots.

    • This blog over the years has in fact covered how one can use any number of new tools and platforms on the web for journalism, whistleblowing and bearing witness. I gather that SLCJ has some interesting (diploma) courses in this regard that are aimed at those interested in journalism know more about its fundamentals. Don’t know about class times and intakes, but I guess it should be easy enough to find out.

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