Sex, rain and cricket over Wikileaks

Though searches on Google for Wikileaks over the past 30 days show a dramatic increase from Sri Lanka, it’s heartening to know that so many of us have our priorities right. Sri Lankans overwhelmingly search for sex, cricket and sometimes even the weather over the pulsating debates on Wikileaks. Searches on weather are to be expected given the incessant rain over the past week or two.

What’s also fascinating, though when you think about it, rather unsurprising is that we (and every single country there is data on Google for) search for sex on weekends far more than we do on weekdays. It’s also very clear that until Cablegate, no one really gave a toss about Wikileaks in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, our interest in sex, despite Internet porn filters and other moral palaver from government, remains strong.

There is hope.

Wikileaks vs. Sex

See Google’s data live here.

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