Introducing Long Reads on Groundviews | Long-form journalism in Sri Lanka

Long Reads

I formally launched the Long Reads section on Groundviews today. This section brings to the site long-form journalism found in publications such as the Economist’s fantastic Intelligent Life quarterly, Foreign PolicyThe New Yorker and the New York Times. Inspired by the Longreads blog, these articles offer more in-depth deliberation on key issues covered on Groundviews.

Articles currently published include:

There’s some way to go before we get to the quality of say a Hitchens writing about the art of making tea, but I hope that even if these articles are comparatively, on account of their length, less well read than others on the site, they capture a different set of readers and indeed, voices to the site. I have longed to read solid, reflective, engaging pieces of journalism in Sri Lanka, and this is a first crack at publishing quality writing in this country.
I think we have the voices – just that the economics of mainstream print media just doesn’t afford the space or platform.

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