Moving Images at the Kandy International Film Festival

I’ve just published a post on Groundviews on Moving Images being part of the 1st Kandy International Film Festival. I’m proud of Groundviews in general, and Moving Images epitomises what makes it unique amongst all the media sites in Sri Lanka. After we premiered it to a packed crowd of over 150 in Colombo, the responses we got were amazing.

  • “moving images is FAN TAS TIC. Please convey my congratulations to those involved in it—they tend to be online acquaintances or friends of friends or people I follow on Twitter. Thinking of Kannan Arunasalam, Sharni and Tari Wickremaratne particularly. How marvelous it looks. And, of course, to you! It looks spectacular. And as always, I am amazed at how much you accomplish.”
  • “I love Moving Images. Inspiring, and beautifully produced. Congrats. We’re gearing up for some relatively similar stuff here, but perhaps not so classy, more mainstream.”
  • “A sincere thank you for last evening. There was certainly something to say and not merely something to show!”
  • “Absolutely fucking fabulous.”
  • “I’ve had a look through a lot of the videos that you and Kannan have put up – this has immense value and I’m so glad something like this exists. They are all just great stories and beautifully shot.”
  • “Groundviews has been producing some great content in the last couple of years and the ‘Moving Images’ is super stuff. Congratulations! “
  • “Looking at kerosene nearly brought tears to my eyes. This is my Jaffna.”
  • “Beautiful and evocative images. Look forward to seeing more stories soon.”
  • “excellent pictures.”
All of the stunning short films in HD are now online. KIFF offers an excellent opportunity to see them projected in a large screen format and to also meet two of the producers. I’ve blogged about the ticketing, venue, time and other details on Groundviews, and hope that you can make it.
The content is well worth it.

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