The ICT4Peace iPhone app

The ICT4Peace Foundation launched its iPhone app on Apple iTunes today. A launch announcement on the Foundation’s site notes,

The ICT4Peace Foundation is extremely pleased to announce the launch of the very first ICT4Peace app for the iOS platform. Our ICT4Peace app, designed for the iPhone 4 and compatible with the iPad, showcases the Foundation’s pathbreaking work in using Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for peacebuilding and crisis mitigation, response and recovery.

The app features,

  1. Updates on the Foundation’s work, including our strategic interventions, papers, partnership and collaboration with the UN system and other leading international agencies
  2. The history of the Foundation
  3. The constitution of the Foundation, including members of its advisory panel
  4. Our publications, and links to key publications in the field of ICT4Peace by partners and others
  5. Our daily Twitter updates, responding to vital events, processes and issues in the domains of peacebuilding, crisismapping, crowdsourcing and research
  6. Shortcuts to our critically acclaimed crisis information management wikis
  7. A unique ‘You Report’ app, designed to help capture and crowdsource interesting stories and photos from the field of interest to the Foundation
For reasons best known to it, Apple didn’t make this easy. Cezar Neaga, the same person who designed and developed the Groundviews app for the iPhone, was nearly driven to insanity by the incredibly complex rules and conditions Apple imposed on the approval of this in the iTunes store. We persevered, and ultimately saw the app’s publication on iTunes.
It’s a really beautiful app, and I love the way Cezar’s integrated the persons behind the Foundation as well as shortcuts to its key crisis information management wikis. If you’ve got an iPhone, go ahead and download it. It’s free.

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