Not In Our Name initiative in Sri Lanka: TV interview

Young Asia Television recently asked me the following questions about the Not In our Name initiative for their weekly Connections TV digest.

  1. Not in Our Name: Is it focusing just only on the incident in Dambulla or is it looking broadly at religious extremism in Sri Lanka ?
  2. Judging from the responses so far , what do you feel is the general pulse on the role of the State in addressing religious extremism in Sri Lanka ?
  3. How will such incidents impact on communal relations and attempts at bringing about ‘National Reconciliation’?
  4. Im the end what purpose will this initiative serve?

I recorded my answers over my webcam and an edited version was broadcast over public TV this week. Connections is broadcast in English, Sinhala and Tamil. The Tamil programme is yet to be produced, but will feature a colleague of mine speaking about the initiative in Tamil. The Sinhala versions carries subtitles for what I flag in English.

For full English programme, click here.

For full Sinhala programme, click here.

On 2nd May 2012, less than a week after it was launched, Not In My Name generated over 1,000 signatures. A list of some of the more prominent persons who signed up can be read below. Many more have since signed up as well.

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