Introduction to new media, Internet security and web based social media strategies

Around a fortnight ago I was invited by two leading civil society organisations (Women and Media Collective and Young Asia Television) to conduct full day training programmes for civil society activists, mostly women and from outside the Western Province, introducing them to web based social and new media, new media advocacy strategies and Internet security.

The lectures were delivered in Sinhala, and I believe there are Sinhala translations of some of these presentations, which I can try to get and forward on request. Though the presentations were made with a Sri Lankan audience and context in mind, the examples and platforms flagged can be more broadly used and applied. A few slides may not make sense because they are actually still images from embedded video, since the presentations were made for the purpose of interactive classroom lectures. Nevertheless, most of the content will easily resonate with a wide audience.

All the presentations can be downloaded as high quality, print ready PDFs. Please share, adapt and use as you see fit.

Introduction to blogs and blogging

Primer: New and Social Media

Social media for advocacy and audience engagement

Bearing witness through civic media

Primer: Digital Security for Sri Lankan Activists

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