Innovations in peacebuilding: Podcast with UNICEF


In early May I was invited to take part in an interview on ‘Beyond School Books’, a podcast series produced by UNICEF New York, looking at technology and peacebuilding.

The podcast and related article was published today (you’ll need VLC or RealPlayer to listen to the audio stream).

Talking about how technology has changed the way we monitor peace, Mr. Hattotuwa says that internet, social media platforms and mobile phones are providing the opportunity for billions of citizens around the world not just to consume information but also to produce it.

Moreover, technology is allowing us to bear witness regardless of where and who we are.

“Bearing witness is an active process, because it takes courage to do it. It is not a passive scene – it is observing; it is an act that you chose to do,” Mr. Hattotuwa says. “You are also adding to a body of knowledge, and, in the future, that can be very useful in helping understand why something happened around that time. So the technology is not only changing the way we see the world, but also how we engage, respond to and recover from violent conflict.”

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