Remembering is resisting

I gave a short talk on the politics of digital memorialisation through personal archives at Colomboscope 2016 on a panel titled ‘Rendering Realities’, moderated by Subha Wijesiriwardena.

The festival’s description of my presentation read,

Sanjana focuses on the role of the human in creating digital archives. He reflects on the ways digital archives are being generated, some of the technologies and platforms that allow for these archives to be created at scale and at the role and relevance of a citizen archivist. He explores the increasing yet often under-valued tension between ubiquitous and persistent recording (of life moments) and the essential fragility of digital storage.

The presentation was anchored to two recent articles of mine published in the mainstream media in Sri Lanka (The Sunday Island) as well as on my (other) blog. ARCHIVING THE FUTURE and DIGITAL MEMORIES both look at the challenges of archiving the discursive terrains online in contemporary Sri Lanka, and attempts to capture the politics, content and tensions therein for posterity.

The panel was recorded and a link will be put here once the content is made public by the organisers.

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