Department of Government Printing: Searching via Google


Sri Lanka’s Department of Government Printing website is a trilingual resource for Gazettes, Extra Gazettes, Bills, Acts and other information, including official Tenders, since 2004.

A major site redesign in 2016 made the site easier on the eye, but seriously impacted discoverability of information on the site. The search functionality on the site isn’t uniform, is really badly implemented and not very visible.

The site is regularly visited by lawyers, academics, students, researchers and others who frequently search for and need this information. To help them, I’ve created a Google Custom Search Engine that indexes all the content on the site, across Tamil, Sinhala and English.

Access the search engine here.


Everything that you do on Google, you can do here. All the content on the Printing Department can now be searched based on relevance or date, and in Sinhala or Tamil as well. A short video of the custom search engine at work is embedded below.

Please pass on to others who may find this useful!

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