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A damned democracy and a violent peace: Groundviews

Read over 2,600 times and generating nearly 150 comments to date (well over 30,000 words), The ‘Sinhala-Nationalist’s Burden’ by Kalana Senaratne critiques Gomin Dayasiri’s idea of and primacy given to Sinhala nationalism. Kalana avers that, “Approaching the Tamil people with a self-made list of grievances is the wrong place and the wrong way to start

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A response to Diane Coyle’s defence of New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflicts: The Role of Information and Social Networks

Diane Coyle finds the tone of my critique of New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflicts: The Role of Information and Social Networks, published by the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation “surprising and disappointing”. That’s actually a succinct encapsulation of what I feel about her report itself. I have already responded in detail to co / second

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Al Jazeera questions media freedom in post-war Sri Lanka

Al Jazeera’s path-breaking The Listening Post programme looks at enduring challenges facing media freedom in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan media war continues critically looks at the video broadcast by Channel 4, the sentencing of journalist J.S. Tissainayagam and the continued violence against independent media. This programme features at the end very short submissions made

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The pros and cons of crowdsourcing election monitoring’s Katrin Verclas has a great article looking at the pros and cons of crowdsourcing election monitoring, based on the experience of Lebanon recently.  I agree that crowdsourcing anything leaves much to be desired in terms of accuracy and information fit to feed into critical decision support processes. This is why the ICT4Peace Foundation is

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The end of foreign correspondence?

Taken from Fi & Bryn’s Big Trip Is the role and relevance of the foreign correspondent now defunct or is it evolving? Foreign correspondence, I explained, is not as foreign as it used to be. “There, not here,” is over. It is a momentous, overlooked shift in the world: Foreign correspondents no longer cover one

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The Times Machine

In Old News is Good News, I covered the efforts of Google to digitise old newspaper archives. The New York Times has a comparable exercise in the form of its Times Machine, which contains 70 years of the NYT’s archives from its first issue on 18 September 1851 through to 30 December 1922. It’s just

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Education in Sri Lanka and Sir Arthur C Clarke’s legacy

Science writer Nalaka Gunawardene published an article on Groundviews today commemorating the first death anniversary of Sir Arthur C Clarke. In it he notes, But can imagination and innovation take root unless we break free from the shackles of orthodoxy? For transformative change to happen, we will need to rethink certain aspects of our education,

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Index on Censorship shortlists Sunday Leader for 2009 FOE Awards

The Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression awards honour those who have made outstanding contributions to the promoting of free expression. This year, the Sunday Leader is shortlisted for the Guardian Journalism Award. Richly deserved.

Western Provincial Council candidates go online: So what?

Duminda SIlva was the first that I know of to launch a website to support his campaign. The bloke looks like Queen Elizabeth on a bad hair day. He has an interesting track record and his (erstwhile) website claims his “foundation” has “donated 9,850 families”, which makes about as much sense as why anyone who

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Ushahidi helps develop Crisis Information Management demo tool

From the ICT4Peace Foundation came news today of its collaboration with Ushahidi. The ICT4Peace Foundation, Geneva has mandated Ushahidi to develop an ICT4Peace Crisis Information Management Platform Demonstrator (CIMD), based on Ushahidi’s existing platform with the following features and functionality. A product that is able to be deployed in the field with a minimum of

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