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Tamilnet accessible once more from Sri Lanka?

As suddenly and mysteriously as it was taken off, is accessible once more from my SLT ADSL connection this evening. Perhaps the boffins at the MoD forgot to send their weekly memo to ISPs asking them to block the site? Tamilnet has been inaccesible over any wired or wireless Internet connection from all ISPs

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Planning for when the cloud goes down…

Computers will crash. The cloud, which runs on computers, will crash. Once you realise this, planning for when the cloud does go down becomes just another way of ensuring business continuity. I’ve covered this in a post I wrote when went down.

Bearing witness to War: Five years of the war in Iraq

Bearing witness to the atrocities, brutality and embedded humanity in war is difficult. Embedded journalism is fraught with challenges and even projects like Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone faced problems of continued support for sustained coverage.  In this context comes a compelling website from Reuters, documenting 5 years of a tragic war in Iraq. Bearing

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Censored – Forum theatre on freedom of expression at a time of war

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist. Without the freedom to challenge, even to satirise all orthodoxies, including religious orthodoxies, it ceases to exist. Language and the imagination cannot be imprisoned, or art will die, and with it, a little of what makes us human.” Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands

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IT Security: Planning for the lack of commonsense

Last week I captured through my mobile phone camera the user account, password and URL of a confidential human rights monitoring and advocacy database. The users had plastered these details on a public notice board for easy reference, in a manner that could be viewed by anyone who came into the office. It hadn’t occurred

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Lesser folks and Buddhism according to Lankapuvath

Lankapuvath, Sri Lanka’s state owned news agency, launched a new website recently. Doesn’t look half-bad, though they don’t seem to have heard of RSS feeds. Couple of gems inside the website. Lankapuvath describes itself thus: Lankapuvath is the Sri Lanka’s National News Agency and only news agency in the country. The only news agency in

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Interview with Dan Gillmor on Citizen Journalism at GK3

Interview with Dan Gillmor at GKP GK III in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 13th December 2007. I moderated a panel titled Pushing the envelop: New Media, Citizens Journalism, Human Rights and Development that had Dan on it at the Global Knowledge Partnership, GK III conference. Interviewer: Ahmed Shifan from Young Asia Television Clip 1 – What

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Ushahidi – Testimonies of violence in Kenya on the web

“Google Earth supposedly shows in great detail where the damage is being done on the ground. It occurs to me that it will be useful to keep a record of this, if one is thinking long-term. For the reconciliation process to occur at the local level the truth of what happened will first have to

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Communicating Disasters: Seeking common ground for media and disaster managers

Communicating Disasters: An Asia Pacific Resource Book (Edited by Nalaka Gunawardene and Frederick Noronha with a Foreword by Sir Arthur C Clarke) was published in December 2007. It is a multi-author book that discusses how information, education and communication can help create disaster resilient communities across the Asia Pacific region, home to half of humanity.

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ICT4Peace in 2007: Significant work, applied research and challenges

It’s been an bloody eventful year, literally and metaphorically. Sri Lanka’s war escalated dramatically over the course of the year, with the LTTE suffering significantly at the hand of a Government hell-bent on its complete destruction. The timbre of democracy in Sri Lanka took many blows, not just through the erosion of human rights and

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