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Cross posted from Groundviews. ### I was asked to contribute an article to an up-coming issue of The Architect, the journal of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. The issue will be anchored to the idea of ‘democratic space’. After the guest editor accepted my article without any reservations or edits, he was informed by the

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Speaking notes: The future of tech and peacekeeping, re:publica 2015

Invited by ZIF – Center for International Peace Operations and representing the ICT4Peace Foundation, I spoke today at re:publica15 in Berlin, Germany on the future of peacekeeping and technology. The session this morning had a very compelling title: NERDS WITH BLUE HELMETS? DIGITAL INNOVATION AND PEACEKEEPING. My submission was anchored to the following points: Following from the

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Big data can make South Asian cities more authoritarian

Nalaka Gunewardene has an interesting article on smart cities published on Scidev.net, in which he makes the case our cities today are just too unhealthy and that the advent of smart cities will “enhance feedback loops within the complex systems” and if processed properly, result in a “the steady flow of data” that  “can vastly

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Election monitoring in austere contexts using ICTs

The following note was penned to the co-ordinator of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV), who asked me to go into some detail around the information security, gathering, archival and dissemination strategies I conceptualised and deployed around the historic Presidential Eleection in Sri Lanka, held on 8th January 2015. CMEV’s information operations are a

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Tsunami: 10 years hence

Technology does not feel. It does not bleed. Its very insensitivity to trauma can be its strength – the tireless information sharing frameworks Info Share created knew no time of day and didn’t clamour for rest. On the other hand, because it is value neutral, technology lends itself to abuse. It cannot by itself create

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Technology and theatre in a library

When I read Where Humbert Humbert Might Whisper in Your Ear in the New York Times on a flight back to Colombo from the US, I immediately thought of doing something along the same lines in Sri Lanka to explore to what degree, post-war, we were still under invisible frameworks of control and censorship. Upon my

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UAVs and peacebuilding: Some thoughts

My work with UAVs is largely conceptual, framed by growing up in a context of war, deeply informed by having to deal with the enduring legacy of violent conflict even post-war and anchored to the inalienable yet often callously erased rights of communities and individuals around safety, security and privacy. My interest in UAVs results

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Technology: Progress and Potential

An article I wrote for Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Building Peace magazine is now up on the web. In it, I look at both the significant progress around technologies to share vital information before and during a conflict or disaster, and also how much more needs to be done in this regard. I end by asking,

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Lankacorps Fellows 2014 presentation

A presentation made at The Asia Foundation in Colombo to the 2014 cohort of the Foundation’s Lankacorps Fellows.


Video of keynote: New media, peacebuilding and conflict transformation

I was invited to present a keynote address at the International Conference on “Communication, Conflicts and Peace Processes: Landscape of Knowledge from Asia and the Deep South of Thailand”, from 21 – 22 August in Pattani, Thailand.

The organisers have just uploaded a video of the full keynote. A write up, based on the notes I spoke from, can be read here.


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