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Testing Blackberry WordPress app

This is a test post from my Blackberry. This app still has a long way to go.

Focus on the mobile user, and all else will follow…

Worldwide phone penetration continues to climb at a break-neck pace, with over 4 billion mobile subscribers at last count. (In comparison, the PC industry is forecasted to see its sharpest unit decline in history.) Prevailing economic conditions will accelerate this trend, as users consolidate pricey communication services into cost-effective, all-in-one mobile devices. And for the

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Google Latitude: Real time location awareness through mobiles

At the time I last wrote about the potential of location aware web / mobile mashups and services, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence disallowed the sale of GPS enabled mobile phones. That seems to have changed in the past month. Airtel and Dialog both sport the Blackberry Bold, which has in built GPS, and Dialog’s

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Dialog Telekom runs out of all Blackberry’s in Sri Lanka?

Since I’ll spend a fair amount of time on the move around and out of Sri Lanka over the next three years on account of the award of a Fellowship that will have me looking at the nexus of mobiles, peacebuilding and democratic governance, I wanted to purchase a Blackberry from Dialog Telekom yesterday. Went

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Snooping into mobile communications in India

Research in Motion (RIM), the folks behind the Blackberry, are reportedly close to finalising a deal with India’s Home Ministry to allow it to monitor communications and access customer data.  As Ars Technica notes, The issue first became public in early March, when the ministry threatened to ban BlackBerry service entirely, unless it was given

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The problem with mobile phones that grab our attention

Our opportunity: remembering to find the OFF switch on our devices, now and then, and tune in to the present with engaged attention. I believe attention is the most powerful tool of the human spirit. We can enhance or augment our attention with practices like meditation and exercise, diffuse it with technologies like email and

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