Tag: Civil society

Panel Discussion: Women’s Engagement with New Media

The proverbial glass ceiling has long been in the way of women’s upward movement within the public sphere, including in media institutions. How have women overcome the limitations of access and opportunity of the conventional media structures by increasingly and innovatively engaging with online media platforms and spaces? The Sri Lankan chapter of South Asian

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Websites at Risk – Archiving information on human rights, governance and peace

I created and launched Websites at risk yesterday as a simple yet effective means through which to archive information and knowledge produced on the web in Sri Lanka on human rights, peacebuilding and democratic governance. This has been on my mind for a while ever since I was appalled to be told that the website

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InfoShare – Transforming society through technology

I’m a founding Director and Head of ICT and Peacebuilding at InfoShare, which was set up in 2004 and currently provides services to a range of leading organisations in the development and civil society sectors in Sri Lanka and South Asia. InfoShare’s main skill is in its ability to design ICT applications and services to

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