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ICTs for Risk and Crisis Management: Technical and ethical challenges

Realised that though I had blogged about my interview at the Global Risk Forum held in July 2010 in Davos, Switzerland, I hadn’t uploaded the presentation I delivered at the panel discussion. I do recall that I was the only one in a panel of 5 that kept to time. Rather than go into a

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Social Media in Haiti provides critical information on Haiti’s need

OCHA’s ReliefWeb has (a very rough) transcript of my recent podcast with IRIN on the use of technology in Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake relief effort. Read it here. Read about the podcast and listen to the original version here. A pertinent excerpt from the interview: TUNBRIDGE: Did you see what is going on high-tech world here

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Keeping empathy alive: New media and storytelling on disasters

I delivered a presentation today at a workshop organized by South Asian Women in Media looking at media coverage of disasters. In the first part, heavily influenced by Nicholas Kristof’s Advice for Saving the World, I suggested story ideas and angles better able to generate and vitally, sustain, audience interest in disasters and their aftermath.

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Recommendations and ideas to strengthen best practices of Crisis Information Management at the United Nations, New York

This is an excerpt from Interim Report: Stocktaking of UN Crisis Information Management Capabilities that can be downloaded in full from here. The authors strongly feel it is timely for the UN System as a whole to address, at a strategic level, issues of crisis information management and technology best practice and interoperability – to

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Interim Report: Stocktaking of UN Crisis Information Management Capabilities

Sanjana Hattotuwa and Daniel Stauffacher From October 2007 to February 2008, representatives from the ICT4Peace Foundation met informally with a number of high-level representatives at key agencies based at the United Nations in New York in preparation for a stocktaking exercise on crisis information management capacities and best practices. These meetings with heads of agencies,

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IBM solves all challenges in a natural disaster in under an hour!

From Paul Currion comes a pointer to this tragi-comic article on IBM’s latest discovery – complex algorithm that solve all challenges, even unknown ones related to natural disaster preparedness and management: …The model allows all unforeseen challenges to be solved, mostly within an hour, and has very good scalability that promises to gracefully manage even larger models in

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