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Computing for Good

Georgia Tech’s College of Computing has posted details of its Computing for Good (C4G). C4G is introduced thus,  C4G centers on the use of computing as a platform for improving the human condition. It draws on both the self-focused and altruistic sides of students by presenting computer science as a cutting-edge technological discipline that empowers

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Some thoughts on mobile phones and the digital divide

  Ken Banks has a super article up on PC World on using mobile phones to address the digital divide. In it Ken points to two aspects of mobile phones and their usage that not everyone even in developing countries quite understands.  “They can make and receive calls, they have an address book, they can send

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ICT4Peace wiki featured in Communications Initiative’s ICT4D section

The ICT4Peace Foundation’s ICT4Peace wiki, that I manage, was featured in the Communications Initiative ICT4D section recently. As noted on the wiki, the “inventorisation” process revolves around the use of an edit-able wiki to share information about how ICTs – e.g., personal computers, mobile phones, and the internet – are being used to facilitate effective and sustained

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Beyond Tunis: ICT4Peace before ICT4D?

“It is inevitable that advancements in technology find their way into peacebuilding – we are not even scratching the surface of what is possible today. The future of ICT4Peace, however, is pegged to the availability of funding to explore ways that technology can best help communities transform violent conflict. To date, donors, international agencies and

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ICT4Peace in 2007: Significant work, applied research and challenges

It’s been an bloody eventful year, literally and metaphorically. Sri Lanka’s war escalated dramatically over the course of the year, with the LTTE suffering significantly at the hand of a Government hell-bent on its complete destruction. The timbre of democracy in Sri Lanka took many blows, not just through the erosion of human rights and

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Vint Cerf on ICT and Development: “If ever a technology defined an era of human development, ICT has that role in the 21st Century”

Speaking on the role of private, public and civil society in an interview with GKP, Google’s Vint Cerf goes on to explain how each can contribute to the exploitation of new ICTs for building and sharing Knowledge for Development purposes: “The public sector (governments) have the opportunity to set policies and to support research that can lead

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GKP Panel – Pushing the envelop: New Media, Citizens Journalism, Human Rights and Development

Despite a degree of skepticism about the event, in which I am not alone, I helped design and will moderate a panel for the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference organized by Global Knowledge Partnership. Pushing the envelop: New Media, Citizens Journalism, Human Rights and Development Moderator: Sanjana Hattotuwa Panelists: Dan Gillmore, Ory Okolloh, Steven Gan, (plus

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InfoShare – Transforming society through technology

I’m a founding Director and Head of ICT and Peacebuilding at InfoShare, which was set up in 2004 and currently provides services to a range of leading organisations in the development and civil society sectors in Sri Lanka and South Asia. InfoShare’s main skill is in its ability to design ICT applications and services to

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