introduces state of the art security to Sri Lanka

This one is really hard to explain without expletives, but here goes.

The Sri Lankan state wants citizens to register online on a website for their own security. Super idea, never mind that the Sri Lankan State is about as illiberal and undemocratic as they get today.

The first version of was shoved to a hapless public sometime in early 2009. It turns out to be, quite unexpectedly in light of the UNIX prowess of our interprid Defence Secretary, a monumental disaster and creates more controversy than it helps solve.

Undeterred and in the interests of ‘national security’, the boffins at the Ministry of Defence, in line with the Mahinda Chintanaya, went back to the drawing boards and released the new and improved Version 2.0.

Unfortunately, if you use Firefox, you can’t even log into the site. Try it.


Annoyed that Firefox had turned terra and working in league with the CIA and other Western agents hell bent on discrediting the Rajapakse regime, I switched to Safari on my Mac.

Lo and behold, the reason for the barred entry was evident.


Under the Mahinda Chintanaya, the boffins at the MoD have taken a wholly endogenous approach to security certificates, signing them with completely generic information that is guaranteed to be only accepted by MoD and Police data entry operators trained to bypass security that keeps ordinary, law abiding citizens out of the system.

The mind struggles to comprehend what the MoD and Police were thinking when they deployed this system, for the second time, in such a manner. Then again, maybe they weren’t thinking, since the Mahinda Chintanaya does not require this and frowns down upon too much of it in government.

I guess with 2.0 and an Inspector General of Police who in all seriousness thinks women can use mobile phones to record themselves being raped, we are really in safe, secure hands and guaranteed a future free of terrorism.

Can’t wait.