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JNW SMS news service returns to Dialog

Some SMS based news services in Sri Lanka have a rather peculiar understanding of news – no reports received for example when over 1,500 Tamils were arrested and detained late last year perhaps because some operators place restrictions on the nature of news that can be sent over their networks.  Particularly in this context, I’m very

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Revenue for content providers vis-à-vis new media

Chamath from JNW asks me a few questions through a recent comment on a post I made on his mobile news service that hit the core of sustainable content generation for the web. What follows are some basic thoughts – they aren’t answers in the sense that Chamath expects from me because revenue generation from

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Ideas on SMS news from New Mexico!

I’ve just read a post on a blog called New Media in New Mexico comment on JNW, the SMS news service in Sri Lanka. It’s not the most obvious place to find some ideas that can gain traction here in Sri Lanka with SMS news services, but I guess the essential idea of news through

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SMS News Alerts in Sri Lanka – A short review of JNW’s new site and service

JNW was the first to introduce news and information through SMS in Sri Lanka. Writing about it around two years ago, I pointed out that their fundamental problem at the time was their subscription model, which they now seem to have overcome with deals with various mobile phone operators in the country. JNW’s forays into

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IPS story on New Media in Sri Lanka – A first attempt to grasp new media agenda setting in Sri Lanka

Amantha Perera, with whom I spoke to on the phone around a fortnight ago on Groundviews, ran with a story on new media and its impact on shaping the news agenda in Sri Lanka on IPS today. Titled MEDIA-SRI LANKA: New Media – First With Reports On Intensifying War the story is a explores the

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The telling lack of timely SMS news alerts on the arrest and detention of Tamils

Writing on the arrest and detention of hundreds of Tamils in the South of Sri Lanka, Ange in an article published on Groundviews had a very interesting observation on SMS based news services in Sri Lanka at a time such as this: I wonder at the comfortable ignorance the majority of us enjoy being in.

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The problem with mobiles in emergencies…

Is that they often don’t work. This photo of my mobile phone’s screen was taken around two and a half hours after a powerful bomb rocked Nugegoda, a suburb in Colombo, killing around 17 and injured over 30. It was Sri Lanka’s second bomb for the day. I live around 3 minutes away from the

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Reuters breaking news alerts no more on Dialog

Seems that Reuters has pulled out of offering SMS news alerts and information bulletins through Dialog. Dialog is now advertising Ada Derana, from the TV station Derana, as a replacement though to date, I’ve received many SMS’s from Ada Derana asking me to await breaking news alerts, none have been forthcoming. The last I reviewed

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An event based comparison between Reuters and JNW SMS news alerts on Dialog

There are two SMS based news services for mobile phone users in Sri Lanka. Both offer news alerts through SMS in English, but not in Sinhala or Tamil. JasmineNewswires was the first to introduce this means of news reporting and dissemination in Sri Lanka, with Reuters following in 2007. I’ve reviewed JNW news before on

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