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Colombo and Kandy the first in Sri Lanka to get street level information on Google Maps

Up until now, I’ve used Colombo eMap whenever I’ve wanted to plot a route in Colombo. Now there’s a better option. Although it’s yet to percolate to the mobile version, Google Maps on the web now has street level information in Colombo and Kandy. Click the image above for a higher resolution screenshot. Google Maps

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The new Google Maps for mobile

Google Maps (on the PC or on mobiles) is not that useful in Sri Lanka, but I was in Copenhagen this week and using it on my Blackberry I was able to locate my hotel as I was walking along. The street level detail is quite amazing and coupled with the Blackberry 8310’s GPS, the

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Google Earth in the browser. So what?

I’ve been working on Google Maps (GM) quite a bit lately to map incidents and trends related to humanitarian access, election violence and human rights. It’s exciting to note that Google has now released a Google Earth (GE) plug-in for browsers that allows for a richer, 3D experience provided you have the bandwidth to spare.

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Mobile maps on Nokia phones

You can already get Google Maps on the iPhone and now Nokia’s created a technology of its own to get location data to its higher end handsets. New to Nokia’s OVI platform is the maps feature that runs on Vista / XP and most of Nokia’s N-series and Symbian handsets.  Wired Gadget Lab has a

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Ushahidi – Testimonies of violence in Kenya on the web

“Google Earth supposedly shows in great detail where the damage is being done on the ground. It occurs to me that it will be useful to keep a record of this, if one is thinking long-term. For the reconciliation process to occur at the local level the truth of what happened will first have to

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Using GPS and maps on mobile phones

Over a year ago I wrote Mobile Phone futures, with a few key ideas on how location-aware mobile devices / phones could potentially revolutionise how we navigate and get information on unfamiliar surroundings. Google recently announced Google Maps with “My Location” technology that does just this for all mobile devices, whether they have built in

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