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Intercepting mobile communications: A cogent case for truth-seeking and slow news?

Even if most of us are powerless to completely evade it completely, the pitfalls of mobile phone intercepts are well documented and known. However, two articles recently published on the web can be read as somewhat justifying the use of material thus collected for truth seeking after an act of terrorism. Whether such use justifies

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Deciding which mobile phone to bug and how: The incredible flip side of the growth of mobiles

I use the word incredible in the sense of difficult to believe or extraordinary. In one of the most revealing and interesting articles I’ve read in a while, the London Review of Books looks into the world of mobile phone surveillance. It begins with the example of http://www.mapamobile.com in the UK, a freely available service

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The future of mobile applications and some other ideas

The Google Android Developers Blog lists the top 50 applications submitted to Round 1 of its developer’s challenge. It’s a damn impressive list. I was alerted to this from Appropriate IT’s excellent post on it, which I fully endorse.  A PDF slideshow of all the apps, with screenshots and mock-ups, is available here.  However, as

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Some thoughts on mobile phones and the digital divide

  Ken Banks has a super article up on PC World on using mobile phones to address the digital divide. In it Ken points to two aspects of mobile phones and their usage that not everyone even in developing countries quite understands.  “They can make and receive calls, they have an address book, they can send

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1.4 billion people access the Internet today – ODR providers need to wake up to mobiles

A new report finds a quarter of the world’s population accessing the Internet in 2008.  IDC’s Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast estimates that 1.4 billion users of the Internet is set to jump to 1.9 billion over the next four years, bringing internet access to roughly 30 per cent of the world’s population. “The internet will have

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Democratic governance and mobile phones

“Don’t get grandma hear it” was what US soldier Stephen Philips was reported in the Newsweek as saying when his cell phone redialled home during a fire-fight in Afghanistan and broadcast the chaos into his parent’s answering machine . Though it would have been traumatic for the parents of Stephen Philips, yet this is an

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ICTs in state-building

An excellent paper by Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart who I met during Strong Angel III titled Writing The History Of The Future: Securing Stability through Peace Agreements suggests that ICTs could play a central role in state building, but too often don’t.  “Enormous scope exists to examine the possibilities for rethinking electoral processes, voter

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Papers and research on ICT in peacebuilding, Online Dispute Resolution, Conflict Early Warning, Disaster Mitigation and Response

A collection of papers I’ve written over the years on ICT4Peace, ODR and the use of technology in disaster warning, mitigation and response.   Daring to Dream: CSCW for Peacebuilding This study will examine research around the areas of Computer Supported Cooperative Frameworks (CSCW) and in particular, the Locale Framework, to examine the possible use

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Mobile phones against terrorism

So while Sri Lanka clamps down on the use of mobile phones to prevent terrorism, researchers at Purdue University are working with the state of Indiana to develop a system that would use a network of mobile phones to detect and track radiation in order to help prevent terrorist attacks with radiological “dirty bombs” and

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Using GPS and maps on mobile phones

Over a year ago I wrote Mobile Phone futures, with a few key ideas on how location-aware mobile devices / phones could potentially revolutionise how we navigate and get information on unfamiliar surroundings. Google recently announced Google Maps with “My Location” technology that does just this for all mobile devices, whether they have built in

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