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The size and nature of the mobile web market

From Gizmodo comes a pointer to this interesting visualisation of the size and nature of the mobile web. Click image for higher resolution version. Amongst other interesting points, Google dominates mobile search. Nokia and Symbian (which I detest) dominate smartphone sales and mobile OS platforms respectively. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone dominates the mobile web in the

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Journalism, civil society and mobile networks

Jude Mathurine from Rhodes University has an interesting presentation on the impact of mobile phone based use of social networks in Africa. I’ve not yet come across a comparable study of new media’s use and impact in Sri Lanka, but the points on slides 3 and 7, noting that the Internet is still an elite

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Focus on the mobile user, and all else will follow…

Worldwide phone penetration continues to climb at a break-neck pace, with over 4 billion mobile subscribers at last count. (In comparison, the PC industry is forecasted to see its sharpest unit decline in history.) Prevailing economic conditions will accelerate this trend, as users consolidate pricey communication services into cost-effective, all-in-one mobile devices. And for the

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iPod Touch 2.0 and the cult of Apple

The cult of Apple – customers camping outside the Manhattan Apple store to buy the iPhone 2.0. Photo taken by author on 9th July 2008.   I bought my iPod Touch around a month ago and was keen to play around with the new version of the phone software. The main challenge I faced was

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Mobiles for Social Development

There’s a very interesting paper on the web I came across recently that deals with the pros and cons of using mobiles for social development and linked to the discussions on Lirneasia’s recent post on the future of telecentres and the role of mobiles in complementing and / or supplanting them.  The paper seems to

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Limitations of the Mobile Web in the developing world

The idea that the mobile web consists exclusively of mobile devices running web-browsers identical to the web experience we are used to with IE/Firefox is simply wrong. Throwing more and more resources towards creating devices for the developing world that can emulate the PC browsing experience is misguided. The 2 billion phones being used in

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